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Shine Brighter

  Right now, more than ever we are being called to shine our light. We are being guided into a new way of thinking. Expanded consciousness and raising of vibrations is on it’s way. Many people are woke….but are you AWAKE, to the Universal calling?

  In times like these it is easy to lose sight of hope. There are so many things up in the air right now, and as a whole this can be scary. We can decide to hunker down in emotion….and manifest from a place of fear. Which doesn’t end well….I promise. OR we can shine brighter than ever, and release the outcome of “what may happen", and go ahead and prepare for the New Way of life that is being shown to us. We can be effectively using this time to love others and show compassion. To help our communities get through this and to rebuild.

  Fact is many things will change, and may not go back to what we view as normal. One amazing thing we can count on is that The Universe is guiding us where we are meant to be, and that we must trust the process. If you haven’t yet, TAKE A DEEP BREATH and release the hold of anxiety. Take another deep breath and place your hands on your heart, and take a few minutes in this space. Find what you are thankful for and GIVE IT THANKS, OUT LOUD. Focus on the bigger picture of what is going on here. What you are being shown, and what you are being called to do? Take another deep breath and release the outcome. Now is the time, to prepare yourself for what is coming.

  Remember that your outlook creates your reality. As always we are here to gently guide you through these times. If you feel the need to reach out, we are only a message away.  Keep an eye out for some awesome freebies coming to our FB, don't worry we will stay in touch here as well, for those not on social media often! Be Happy, Be Humble, Be Healthy. Be Gentle with yourself and others…. and as always much love and many blessings!

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